Driving Value and Maximizing Results

Essential Allies are Transformational Business Executives Maximizing Enterprise Value.

We work with Middle Market Companies, Investors, Private Equity,
and Turn-around situations as radical restructuring architects.

Being at the top is lonely...

As your ally we immediately create peer level expertise to navigate the headaches in today’s environment.

Business growth or turn-around, M&A, Recapitalization, financing, governance, business sale optimization, transformational growth and strategy.  Focused on the middle market firm, we bring insight, expertise and real hands-on experience.  Allies are not consultants who just give you a plan, we deliver powerful results on time.

Meet The Team

Our Team of Executives Has Experience and Leadership
Needed in Tough Times

Ed Bidanset

CEO/COO Expertise

Andreas Fornwald

CEO Expertise

David Johnson

COO/CFO Expertise

Rob Neumann

CDO / CMO Expertise

Eunice Muñoz



We are an international group of colleagues, each with the experience to provide the benefits of scale to companies in need of transformation, preparing for mergers or acquisitions. 

Our experience includes international and national corporate operational improvements, two Chapter 11 saves, Market Shares increases of 30%+, PE Funding, Merger and Acquisition with Siemens on both international and US fronts,

Our array of

Services Include:

Leading Growth


Restructuring and Governance


Growth Transformation


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