About Robert Neumann

Robert Neumann, MBA, is a successful entrepreneur and marketing veteran of over 15 years. His thorough knowledge across multiple industries combined with diverse skill sets has been an asset to all companies he has managed, owned, and/or sold. With over 25 years in every aspect of business spanning Finance, Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing, Channels, Sales and R&D; he is uniquely positioned to not only understand your business, but grow your business. Operating as a peer, Mr. Neumann provides real insight and strategy for his clients.

A results-driven business leader, Mr. Neumann’s vast knowledge in sales, IT, software, and marketing custom applications development equips him to skillfully lead and drive cross-functional teams to increase revenue and profitability. He is also very well-versed in SaaS solutions. His background in engineering combined with his MBA in Finance equips him to help business owners both dissect and understand business problems using relevant marketing data while helping them see how that data drives mission-critical business decisions.

Mr. Neumann is a fiercely loyal leader who prioritizes people in all aspects of his life–employees, customers, and shareholders. His accomplished, lengthy track record leading teams of all shapes and sizes speaks to his ability to work well in any environment.

Mr. Neumann is a nationally known CRM, MAS, and e-marketing expert. He has spoken to crowds at national conferences and had articles published in leading magazines.